Rachelle Rhienne, Captivity

Rachelle Rhienne - Captivity

released: 22/06/2015

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Rachelle Rhienne is a girl who inspires others to follow their dreams and to never give up.

A 21 year old singer/songwriter from Loch Lomond, Scotland, Rachelle’s passion is music and it is this passion that has helped her through some tough times in her life. Her d├ębut single Captivity is a song about freeing yourself from a difficult situation and becoming more independent. A personal story and one she feels listeners can relate to.

Taking inspiration from some of the current greats in the music industry including Ed Sheeran, James Bay and Taylor Swift to name but a few. Rachelle has a voice that is capable of emulating them. Her vocal range allows her to impart a wide variety of emotions into her music and to give a fresh take on cover versions. No better example than this…

Rachelle is also a talented linguist and has translated, recorded and performed a number of her original songs in Spanish. These live performances have helped to grow her fan base outside of her native Scotland.

Captivity is the first of her songs to be shared so widely and we expect many more to follow.