Voices - Patrick McCallion Cover
  • 1. Voices

Patrick McCallion - Voices

released: 26/02/2016

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‘With a distinctive vocal underpinned by some lovely, fleet of foot acoustic-rock guitar lines, this is yet another example of the great energy Patrick McCallion shows in his songs. Those aware of his previous work may have found McCallion in slightly more guarded mood, but with ‘Voices’, he (ironically) finds his ability to share deeper personal thoughts.’ Whisperin And Hollerin

As the main singer / songwriter in Small Words, Patrick McCallion already has a growing reputation with fans of gritty social conscience infused indie-pop. Previous releases such as the energetic Light Entertainment and the wonderfully catchy Neat Little Package marked out Patrick as a songwriter and performer to keep an eye on.

Voices is the first of a series of solo singles set for 2016. Renowned Producer David M Allen (The Cure) was behind the desk for this first offering of the year. Voices is a gentler, more melodic, dare we say sentimental commentary on love. As usual with Patrick the lyrics are intelligent and well thought out and the music has a raw production with the keys and guitars left to speak for themselves.

With the dates for the The Unplugged UK Tour to be released soon and more singles to come, 2016 is going to be quite a year for Patrick McCallion.