Elvis Perkins - I Aubade

released: 06/07/2015

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Elvis Perkins has released two critically acclaimed albums (via XL Recordings), the haunting debut Ash Wednesday (2007), followed by the jaunty Elvis Perkins in Dearland (2009). Both records saw Perkins widely heralded as “a heartbreaking new voice” – Sunday Times Culture, with justified comparisons to the likes of Elliot Smith, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen.

Perkins has now returned with his third long-player, I Aubade
(released on 6th July through his own label MIR). The album’s first teaser track Hogus Pogus premiered on Stereogum who described the song as “like waking up to love”.

Lyrically – and visually -the track explores the world of porcine transplants in true Perkins style, mixing the personal with the somewhat surrealist. As Perkins himself explains:

“The subject, Arnaud, is a good friend of mine. We share a birthday. His heart contains a real live(/real dead) bovine aortic valve.

Somehow without him in mind, and possibly before his surgery, I made the song Hogus Pogus. It tells of an individual who, having had a porcine heart installed in place of his own bacon-broken one, becomes a better man. For the video I thought we’d make a documentary and hear Arnaud’s experience of trans- species metamorphosis.

We interviewed him on film and fit what we could of his words into the first leg of the song. He is French so we gave him his native tongue in subtitles. It was shot in 16mm black & white and color by Ashley Connor (Angel Olsen, Jenny Lewis, Jenny Hval) and produced by her frequent collaborator, Zia Anger, I Aubade singer, Cornelia Livingston and myself. Along with Arnaud, several other beings, in sanctuary from the iniquity of the factory farm, are also featured.”


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