Box Records Vol. 1

Box Records - Vol. 1

released: 08/06/2015

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“Box is putting out some of the heaviest shit in the UK at the moment.. these boys deliver the goods” – Fact Mag

“Box Records is putting out some of the best music we’ve ever heard and it’s seemingly come from nowhere” – Echoes and Dust

Box Records have been exploring the UK underground since 2009 when they released a split 7″ vinyl from now psychedelic heavyweights Gnod and Bong.
Since then Box Records has specialised in releases from some of the UK undergrounds finest talents, from the off kilter, skewed folk of Richard Dawson’s The Magic Bridge to the doom laden apocalyptic assaults of Khünnt.

June 8th sees the release of a compilation album to showcase the labels past and future releases. The album comprises of unreleased, out of press/painfully unavailable tracks and a few album exclusives to hail the diversity of the Box Records family.

“I release music that I’m passionate about and hope other people will enjoy. I’ve got to find the music exciting and it’s got to move me in some way. I’ve said it before, but I genuinely don’t see much of a difference between the music of say, Richard Dawson and a band like Khünnt. Sure, sonically it’s completely different but both are emotionally charged, honest and true. That’s the music Box Records celebrates.”Matt Baty