Border Scout

Border Scout - Let's Pretend We're Dead

released: 18/09/2015

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Border Scout are two brothers from Yorkshire. Their début single, Let’s Pretend We’re Dead from upcoming album The Nature Of Things, is an emotive track backed by smooth vocals from Austin based vocalist Stoney. The video uses a car accident to show how we should try to have perspective on relationships rather than getting caught up in petty arguments.

The album started to come together after self-imposed isolation that saw one brother become a Yogi and the other a long distance runner. Their cinematronica sound developed as they combined their love of orchestral scoring, intimate programming, live instruments and heavy sampled beats, as well as drawing inspiration from their explorations into wild landscapes and the constant search for something more.

Part soundtrack, part concept album, part cathartic redemption, The Nature Of Things is the culmination of a worldwide journey for two lost souls, swimming in a fish bowl.