• 1. Everythings Gone Black (Radio Edit)
  • 2. Everythings Gone Black (Full Version)
  • 3. Everythings Gone Black (EGB Kinevil Mix)

Anti-tank - Eclipse EP


Kinevil was the brain child of Tyneside musicians Mike Porter and Kristian Atkinson, formed as a vehicle for their ideas of musical alchemy. Mixing disparate musical styles such as Psychedelia, Industrial, Disco, Glam and Acid House the pair put together a revolving line up of Newcastle’s finest musicians including singer Nadine Shah who is now recording a solo album with respected producer Ben Hillier (Blur, Depeche Mode, The Horrors).

However many of the concepts the pair mapped out with Kinevil proved too big for one band, eventually the duo decided to concentrate on the area that was exciting them most and formed Anti-Tank to push their love of dark twisted Disco, Electronic Body Music and Hi NRG sex beats.

Now the duo are working on the Anti-Tank album (titled Concrete Mirrors) which will feature the Kinevil tune that first built them a fan base in their home city – ‘Everything’s Gone Black’.

Anti-Tank are a unique sound and energy amongst an ever blander British musical and cultural landscape.

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