Avalanche Party unveil Tarantino-inspired video for Solid Gold – NSFW!

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Ahead of the release of their new single ‘Solid Gold’ on 2nd December via Amazing Singles Club, North-Yorkshire garage-punks Avalanche Party reveal a cinematic (and NSFW!) new video for the track, which premiered on God Is In The TV.

Commenting on the visuals, the band say they are pleased to present: “an adaptation of that most noble and heroic wedge of human folklore – ‘The Struggle’.

“The struggle to prevail.

“The struggle to spread true positivity.

“The struggle to kick against the grot of the world.

“The struggle has been portrayed throughout the history of world cinema,” they continue “from Kurosawa to Tarantino, from Spartacus to Mary Poppins and here we are adding our sweet Damsons to the top of the cake.

“In a world where money rules uber alles and the greedy and callous shout loudest, we would like this video to serve as a reminder of the power you have in your own hands.”

Filmed by director Jodie Canwell (Clean Cut Kid, Spring King + more) and Michael Sreenan, and edited by Glen Adkins, the new video was shot at The House of Blah Blah in Middlesbrough, a multi-purposed creative space in Middlesbrough which provides artists, creatives, musicians, photographers, independent businesses, designers and filmmakers low cost space to create and promote their work.

“We wanted visuals that we felt matched the pace and the vibe of the song,” says bassist Joe Bell “and the ideas mainly came from a lot of Tarantino and James Bond films, I guess! Nobody was hurt. Give us a message if you want the recipe for the blood.”

Following storming sets at Reading & Leeds, Twisterella and We Are Family festivals this summer, the track will be the first release on the newly formed Amazing Singles Club recently established by Amazing Record Co. To get exclusive first access to the track and high quality lossless format, sign up here.

Solid Gold is out on Amazing Record Co.’s Singles Club on 02/12/16

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