Record Label

Amazing Record Co. is the recording arm of The Amazing Media Group (AMG).

Sibling to amazingtunes.com and Amazing Radio, we share a focus on discovering and supporting the best new and emerging music.

We will bring you brilliant début releases from artists you’ve never heard of, exciting new music from bands you already love, unique collaborations and carefully curated compilations of the best emerging music. Remember, you heard it here first.

Why start an independent label?

We know that there’s more amazing new music out there than ever before, because we find it on amazingtunes.com and play it on Amazing Radio. We also know that even the most competent of new artists could benefit from having the backing of an experienced team who can offer them support and guidance to release their music to their fans in the way that they want to.

Led by people who have spent years running successful independent labels, our team consists of musicians, producers, managers, promoters and music lovers. When we’re not in the office, we’re at gigs, we’re trawling the blogosphere for new music and we’re having healthy discussions about everything from the darkest doom metal to the lightest of pop, and all shades in-between.

Label Services

If you’re just starting a record label, we know how difficult it is to get your music out there. Being independent has its drawbacks when it comes to having a scalable model and there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything that you’d like to do. This is where we can help.

Everything that you release will remain as individual as you are. Our aim is to help you grow.

Depending on your needs and what you’re releasing we can help with…

  • physical and digital distribution
  • sync licensing opportunities
  • planning the release schedule
  • YouTube monetisation
  • social media strategy
  • PR and marketing advice

…and anything else that you can think of.

Interested in hearing more? Drop us a note at labels@amazingrecordco.com.

Demo Submission

If you’re an artist and you’d like us to listen to your work, then the best way of doing this is by creating a profile on amazingtunes.com. We already have a team of highly trained musical ears listening to every track that is uploaded to our servers. Your music would also be available to our friends at Amazing Radio.

Already have your music available on the internet? Then just put the URL into the handy little form below and we’ll give it a listen. Please note that we can’t send feedback or comments on all of the tracks that are shared with us.

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